Precious Creative Soulful Entrepreneur: Are you fed up of constant overwhelm, busyness and spinning ALL the plates?

What If I Were To Show You EXACTLY How To Cultivate A Life Drenched In Sacred Simplicity, Is This What You Want?

Cherished Creatrix: It's time to say goodbye to overwhelm, busyness and multi-tasking and say hello to Sacred Simplicity by embodying a sacred balance of all the things that enrich your mind, body and soul.

Sacred Simplicity is a private workshop for soulful creative entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers to bring you out from the depths of complexity, overwhelm and busyness and into a life and business drenched in serenity, simplicity and ease.

Through my own journey of embodying Sacred Simplicity I have identified certain key areas that are stopping you from cultivating ease, peace and simplicity that so deeply desire to experience day to day.

 By giving yourself fully to this experience of joining us in this workshop here's what you'll leave with:

  • Your ticket OFF the content creative treadmill so that you finally stop spinning all of the plates.
  • The pathway to sidestep busyness and produce work that truly matters and is most meaningful.
  • Your guide to cultivating deep work and how to quieten the noise of social media in a high-pace online world.
  • More time for painting, reading, journaling and everything you cherish so that you spend more time on things you really care about.
  •  Discover your Creative Muse and learn how to cultivate this relationship always.
  • And SO much more!

"I have been online for 10 years and there are things I just could not figure out! It’s as though you’ve helped me learn a new language…a language I’ve been trying to learn forever! You’re such a wonderful teacher Georgie my dearest!!! My blogging and SEO efforts were USELESS until I took your course! I have so much confidence about my website and online presence now. I’m so grateful!"

Shirley Ann Aphrodite

Hi, I'm Georgie! (she/her)
Georgie is a modern-day Enchantress, Creatrix, Art Historian and Mentor For Creative Soulful Entrepreneurs so that they can cultivate a life and business Of Sacred Simplicity with a specialist interest in helping creatives bring forth their once-in-a-lifetime creative gifts to a blog and Pinterest

Hi there fellow Creatrix! I’m Georgie, founder of the enchanted living blog 'Georgie xoxo', 'The Art Of Blogging' and 'Art Of Pinterest' E-Courses and creator of an art and history online school called 'Academy Of The Enchanted Arts.'  

After creating my handmade hair accessory company, Beauxoxo, when I was just a teenager feeling creatively unfulfilled and depressed at University, I learned a lot about how to balance a business that both nourishes the needs of a soulful, creative entrepreneur alongside managing 6 chronic illnesses.  

I realised I too struggled with spreading myself too thin across a million social platforms, spinning all the plates in my business, and getting swept up in the toxic 24/7 hustle culture that has led me on my current path of reclaiming sacred simplicity.  

Fast forward to today, I'm now on a deeply personal mission to inspire highly-sensitive, creative soulful entrepreneurs just like you to build a business and creative content strategy that brings you an abundance of ease, flow and simplicity so that you spend the majority of your time drenched in the richness of the relationship with your Creative Muse.  

If you have even resonated with 5% of the above, I know we’ve not met by accident, and that we were destined to meet and I can't wait to connect through my E-Course, Workshop or bespoke mentoring offerings.

"Georgie's guidance, insight and knowledge regarding how to approach blogging and Pinterest from an authentic and artistic way was a breath of fresh air. The way in which she spoke about her journey with getting into blogging was relatable and incredibly inspiring! Georgie's style of delivering tangible and practical support around how to use blogging as a way to support our passions made experiencing success with blogging seem far less daunting and far more doable. I thoroughly enjoyed how much Georgie simplified what seems like a usually overcomplicated topic, where she presented the art of blogging in a way that felt exciting to journey into. I received tremendous value from Georgie's tips and advice on how to structure blogs and am excited to apply what I learned into my own writing!"

Natalie Brite
Owner of 'Business With A Conscience'

Where Does Your Money Go To?

Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK) is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with Scleroderma and Raynaud's phenomenon. SRUK aims to improve awareness and understanding of these conditions, to support those affected, fund groundbreaking research and ultimately to find a cure.

I was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 2018, and my work has since been dedicated to spreading awareness of this condition alongside helping you to bring your cherished creatives gifts into the world through Blogging and Pinterest.

By supporting my work through any of my E-Courses, 1-1 Mentoring or Live Workshops, a portion of your purchase goes towards SRUK so that they can continue to support me and others who live with this debilitating auto-immune disease.

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