Are you ready to bring forth the rich tapestry of your creativity, your stories, your unique wisdom and your radiant gifts so that you can create ripple effects of beauty, change and impact across our precious Earth?

“When we embody the energy of the Creatrix, we stand in the fullness of our birthright, as two-way channels of the full creative power of the Universe.”
 ― Lucy H. Pearce, Creatrix: She Who Makes

Dear Precious Creatrix, Soulpreneur, Artist and Dreamer,

We have never ever needed you more. 

Simply put: In these testing times we need creativity more than ever. 

We need creative solutions. We need more beauty. More art. More poetry. More dreaming. More creativity. More sensitivity. 

And this is you, isn’t Creatrix? Isn’t this what your daily heartbeat is made of?

But the online business world just makes you want to hide and retreat, doesn’t it? 

The noise. The opinions. The conflicting advice. 'Do this'. 'Do that'. 'Don’t do it like that'. 'Just one more hashtag (!)'. And then there's the overfilling inbox. The freebies stacked up on your harddrive. And: Gah!

I know that so often the online world just makes you feel utterly overwhelmed and swamped with knowledge. And you might start to wonder whether it’s even worth it. 

And how do I know these feelings so intimately? 

Because I see you. Because I understand you. Because I am youArtist. Creatrix. Dreamer. A visionary. Someone who is most in their element creating, whether that's through embroidery, playing the piano, or feeling awe and wonder at an art museum.

And truthfully? My core nature just wants to hide and cling to my inner cocoon and create. 

So why am I writing this to you and sharing this?

Because I am devoted to inspiring, teaching and guiding creative beings just like you to thrive in your unique sacredness and bring forth all of your creative jewels. 

Because we really do need you. Just as you were divinely crafted. You have all the ideas, all the vision, and all the luminous skills and knowledge to bring forth anything your heart desires. 

You just need for someone to listen, hold space for this and crack open the reverent beauty of the stories and ideas you uniquely hold. Am I right?

Are you ready for someone to cut through the overwhelm and online noise and illuminate your bespoke creative pathway for you?

I'm in loving service to you as your Creatrix Conspirator through....

I know you want to be in full creative flow AND have the ability to take potent action to deliver your imagination into life-changing content. Here's are my three pathways I can support you with as your Creatrix Conspirator:

The Art Of Blogging 

I truly believe that blogs are an inexhaustible source of magic in this online landscape and it's my great passion to help as many people as possible to discover this. Especially you, precious Creatrix.

Why? Because blogging has the ability to showcase your inner magic that will open up your imagination to the whole new world of beauty and wonder that already lives inside of you that will inspire so many others along the way.

I will bring my 12 years of blogging to our work together so that you can create your digital online home that truly reflects your tapestry of talents and legacy.

The Art Of Pinterest

If you've always longed to create all the beauty in your imagination and create an aligned message and brand with the world then mastering Pinterest as an Evergreen platform is a wonderful supportive tool to both the art of blogging and Etsy so that you can bring forth all of your visual stories that will then go on to support all your other creative ventures.

Since the arrival of Pinterest I have amassed over 50,000 enchanted souls into my community and made it the hub of my social media referral bringing in over 80% of my traffic. 

The Art Of Etsy

If you've always longed to create all the beauty in your imagination and bring forth your own product based brand with the world then I would be honoured to take you by the hand and guide you towards creating a thriving Etsy business.

One that's drenched with your unique gifts that win's hearts from all across the globe who will treasure your creations deeply.

I have made 6-Figures,. my hair accessories have been adorned by Little Mix, the Made in Chelsea cast, Marina and The Diamonds. I have also had features in pulications such as ELLE and Marie Claire. 

Shirley Ann


I have been online for 10 years and there are things I just could not figure out! It’s as though you’ve helped me learn a new language…a language I’ve been trying to learn forever! You’re such a wonderful teacher Georgie my dearest!!! My blogging and SEO efforts were USELESS until I took your course! I have so much confidence about my website and online presence now. I’m so grateful! 

Imagine being able to translate your imagination into reality just like I did with this beret lookbook I filmed in Paris with Swann and The Berries with Camille Richez for Beauxoxo.
Are you ready to see what's possible for you too?

Natalie Brite

Conscious Business Strategy & Creative Direction & Founder of 'School Of Business With A Conscience'

Georgie's guidance, insight and knowledge regarding how to approach blogging from an authentic and artistic way was a breath of fresh air. The way in which she spoke about her journey with getting into blogging was relatable and incredibly inspiring! Georgie's style of delivering tangible and practical support around how to use blogging as a way to support our passions made experiencing success with blogging seem far less daunting and far more doable. I thoroughly enjoyed how much Georgie simplified what seems like a usually overcomplicated topic, where she presented the art of blogging in a way that felt exciting to journey into. I received tremendous value from Georgie's tips and advice on how to structure blogs and am excited to apply what I learned into my own writing!

Who is this whimsical being and how can they nurture my sacred dreams?!
Hey there! I’m Georgie (she/her) Your Creatrix Conspirator

In 2009, consumed by debilitating depression I opened my little Blogspot blog from my University library and started my online Creatrix journey. Until this day with all my being: it was the best decision of my life. And it has been my greatest companion ever since.

My blog, Georgie xoxo, has since gifted me with the ability to market my 6-figure hair accessory business Beauxoxo (that I sold in 2019 due to my health) and have my accessories worn by Zoella and Little Mix, be featured in publications like Marie Claire and ELLE, be part of The Clothes Show Live, write for Grazia magazine, have a crafting online column for Company magazine, gain nominations for Cosmopolitan and Company blog awards and be interviewed on BBC radio for Scleroderma Awareness.

Deeper still, blogging has cradled me in the darkest moments of my life, living with 6 chronic illnesses, and it has also been a creative hub that has allowed me to experience pure ecstasy during the most magic- drenched moments of my life.

My blog is now a destination for those seeking whimsy, wonder, and enchantment in their everyday and I infuse that into all I do. Including this work with you!

As Your Creatrix Conspirator I bring you ALL the wisdom I have learned on my Creatrix journey with specialist areas that include Blogging, Pinterest and Etsy.

Get to know me even's a flourishing of facts just for you....

  •  I'm 80% Celtic and 20% a real life Fairy in the flesh! I'm deeply proud of my Celtic origins and my long flowy crimson auburn locks. Every day I model myself on a Pre-Raphaelite model!
  • I'm deeply introverted, extremely highly-sensitive and being a Creatrix is my way of making sense of myself internally and externally.
  • I have 6 chronic illnesses and so the arts and creativity are a balm to my soul in managing this daily grief and intensity. During University I was diagnosed with Dyshidrotic Eczema, a Prolactionoma, PCOs and Endometriosis. Some years later, it was then revealed that I had Scleroderma and Gastroparesis.
  • There's nothing I love more in this world than playing the piano. My Grandpa was my first teacher at 4 years old. My favourite music of all time to play is Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel. I also love playing the violin and the harp.
  • I grew up in Dorset by the seaside and I worked for LUSH Cosmetics throughout my studies in the very first shop in Poole! I also worked for the sister make up company called B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful! This experience was SO valuable as I set to launch Beauxoxo during this same period of time.
  • I'm so deeply passionate about art and music history that I studied Music and Art history at University to MA level. Outside of my time being a Creatrix Conspirator, I write about the enchantment of the arts in my brand new sister business called 'Painting Music and Art.' 
  • I’m completely bessotted with Eurovision and I’ve grown up watching Melodifestivalen in Swedish hotels from as young as I can remember! So far I've been to Kyiv, Lisbon and Tel Aviv to experience it live.
  • I can speak Japanese and studied this language when I launched Beauxoxo into the Japanese market sponsored by the UK governement intiative called UKTI.
  • I suffer from Dyscalculia and it's always felt like the shadow to all I do. Thankfully, through being a Creatrix, I've truly learned to heal this wound and still celebrate having multiple prosperous businesses.
  • I adore Miffy (yes, there's me on the right in Miffyland itself, aka, The Netherlands!), the Moomins and nurturing wildlife. My garden is currently a home to my beloved Hedgehog family called Prickles, Tiggy, Brambles and Spikes. I also adore nurturing my garden birds!
  • I'm a Sagitarius Sun, Pisces Moon and Gemini Rising. In Myers Briggs, I'm an INFP. I'm also a 4 in the Enneagram and finally, I'm a Manifesting Generator and a 6/2 (Role Model/Hermit) in Human Design! I'm currently in the 'hermit' stage of my Human Design meaning that it's my destiny to teach all the wisdom I have learned so far! In fact, it's what inspired this offering as your Creatrix Conspirator!

I want you to be my Creatrix Conspirator! How do we start?!

Imagine being able to create content that transforms people's lives that leads to glossy magazine features, published books, podcast interviews with your role models, speaking on stages, winning hearts that elevate your sales and services....and oh so much more! 

Are you ready embrace and discover your inner magic that will open up your imagination to the whole new world of beauty and wonder that already lives inside of you? And inspire SO many others along the way?

I'm here to nurture your mind and soul, open your heart and imagination, and inspire you to give yourself the trust to lead with curiosity, playfulness and creativity in everything you do as you bring your dreams to life.

Because with all my heart I want to help YOU on your own sacred journey of showing up, shining brightly, and receiving YOUR unique signs of abundance for your own seeds of a path that we will sow together.

   I want to help to illuminate a path for you that nourishes every fibre of your being.  

To a path that honours and embraces your inner magic.  

To a path that opens up your imagination to the whole new world of beauty and wonder that already lives inside of you.  

To a path that is a catalyst for creative healing and transformation, and unearthing your heart’s desire.  

Ultimately here's the thing cherished Creatrix: your magic, your heart, your gifts, your talents and the impact you’re here to make, it is all the sacred embodiment of the unique expression of Nature that you are. You're a one-of-a-lifetime masterpiece!
My job as your Creatrix Conspirator is to amplify the jewels you carry. To illuminate them even more. To help you to shine more brightly than you could possibly imagine. To be your mirror for your greatness.

Are you ready to bring forth your creative treasures today?

Imagine being able to translate your imagination into reality just like I did with this beret lookbook I filmed in Paris with Swann and The Berries with Camille Richez for Beauxoxo.
Are you ready to see what's possible for you too?

What happens in your Creatrix Conspirator One-To-One Bespoke Mentorship

Book Your Free Discovery Call

If you would like to 'e' meet online before I become your Creatrix Conspirator, I invite you to a free discovery call:
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What Happens During Our Call

When it's time for our free discovery call, it's simply a space where two Creatrix's come together where I can hold space for all the things you wish to be nurtured and tended to in your business. There is no pressure to go ahead with anything if my services are not aligned for you!

Choose Your Pathway

If you wish for me to have the great honour of being Your Creatrix Conspirator, I will then send you the links for your prefered pathway: 1 hour, 3 hour or 6 hours worth of bespoke mentorship. If you need a payment plan, this can absolutely be discussed as well! Already ready to purchase? Your pathways can also be found at the bottom of this page!
You can click here to get started.

Our Chat

During our first Creatrix Conspirator one-to-one chat, we will then come together on Zoom. This is truly time for you to be seen in your creative divinity where we simply come together to amplify these gifts even more brightly. The session is recorded for you so that you always have access to everything we went through. And so that you're not distracted taking lots of notes! Are you just looking for strategy and no call? No problem! Remember: this is bespoke to YOU! Simply let me know before we work together.

After Our Call

After our one-to-one chat I will then create your bespoke workbook that helps to keep you lovingly accountable beyond our time together and is filled with inspiration made as uniquely as you are! You can then book additional calls and times to work together as and when you need. If you've committed to the 3 hour or 6 hour package, we will then work these hours into your schedule when we start working together.

Choose The Pathway That's Right For You


Each pathway option includes a one-to-one call and your very own bespoke workbook tailor made for your uniqueness:



Your one-to-one 1 hour Bespoke Strategy includes 1 hour call and one workbook summary with your tailor made strategy made uniquely for you.



I believe in slow and sustained growth and so we can use our 3 hour slots either across 3 months, 3 weeks or every other month.



I believe in slow and sustained growth and so we can use our 6 hour slots either across 6 months, 6 weeks or any other time period that suits. 

Are you already feeling a full body yes to working together on your creative journey? Select your preferred path for our journey today and I can't WAIT to meet you soon, precious Creatrix!

From one Creatrix to another: Do you have a question for me?

The Creatrix, The Soulpreneur, The Artist, The Dreamer, and those who are multi-passionate and highly sensitive beings are the souls that I believe I can truly nurture and help the most.

We work together in all the ways that nourish you the most! If you'd like to book a free discovery call to see if my experience is aligned for your precious gifts you can do that by clicking here. If from there you'd like to proceed with working together I will send you a very short survey through Calendly where you can book your first 1-1 session through Zoom. During this session, I will be pre-prepped with your needs and desires so I can create as much action for you during the call as possible. After this 1 hour call, I will send you your own bespoke strategy workbook detailing your next steps bespoke for your unique essence. If you'd rather NOT to meet on Zoom and bother with calls, I can instead use my time for you working from your blog, Pinterest and Etsy alone. Many people opt for this option as well as the call. The option is up to you!

At just 17 years old, I started to sell my creative makes locally at craft shows throughout Dorset. At University, I officially started Beauxoxo, my handmade hair accessory business that I sold in 2019 due to my health. As well as starting Beauxoxo, I also started a blog to document my creative journey. As of 2021, I celebrate 12 wonderful years of blogging! In 2020, I fulfilled my great dream of being a freelance arts writer and opened my sister business Painting Music and Art. In the summer of 2021, I launched my seminal E-Course experience called 'The Art Of Blogging' where I take my students on a journey back to Ancient Greece to meet their blogging Muse so that they can learn to unlock the art of blogging as a Creatrix today. 

I'm currently based in the UK but I'm also semi-nomadic and tend to live in sunny climates during the Winter period for my health. When we work together I will share my current location so that we can easily work out timezones! I work 9-12pm and then 7-9pm to open up as many slots as possible for multiple timezones. 

I'm an email away and I would so love to chat. I'm here for you! Please email me at

Are there still some things you wish to unravel with me before we start this journey together? Let's come together for a free 15 minute chat where you can just simply tell me about the cherished creative gifts you wish to birth into the world. You can then allow yourself to feel into if I'm the Creatrix Conspirator for you to bring these gifts forth!

Do you have a question about the Creatrix Conspirator bespoke 1-1 Mentorship journey? I would so love to chat and I'm here for you!
Please email me at

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