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Precious Creative Soulful Entrepreneur: Are you fed up of constant overwhelm, busyness and spinning ALL the plates?

What if I were to show you EXACTLY how to cultivate a life drenched in Sacred Simplicity: Is this what you want?

Cherished Creative Soulful Entrepreneur: It's time to say goodbye to overwhelm, busyness and
multi-tasking and say hello to Sacred Simplicity.

 Sacred Simplicity is a private workshop for soulful creative entrepreneurs, artists and dreamers to bring you out from the depths of complexity, overwhelm and busyness and into a life and business drenched in serenity, simplicity and ease.

There's truly not a day where I don't feel beyond grateful to live a life of Sacred Simplicity.

But it wasn't always like that.....

I wore busyness and overwhelm like a badge of honour throughout my teens and early twenties.

It’s deeply painful to look back on my youngest years and see how cruelly I treated myself.

Beyond my wildest dreams, Beauxoxo, the hair accessory I started in my teens, grew exponentially, and became the focus of all my time.

My daily routine consisted of getting up at 6am and going to bed at 1am to manage my business alongside managing a myriad of chronic health symptoms and depression at University.

 I spent my days feeling tormented, bewildered, lost and deeply alone.

My only comfort was the success of Beauxoxo.

To the world I was brave, successful courageous Georgie and I thrived on this external validation.

In 2018 the cruel routine I had inflicted upon myself came to an abrupt end.

I was diagnosed with Scleroderma and Gastroparesis on top of a Prolactionoma, PCOs, Endometriosis and Dyshidrotic Eczema.

My specialist required me to take a few weeks off for vital tests and treatment and in a moment of shame I will never forget: I told him I couldn't do this because of work commitments.

There was only one option: I had to sell Beauxoxo.

Then came an emptiness. What am I able to do now? What can I adapt my conditions to? What is to become of me and this swirling sea of creativity I want to gift to the world?

With a new life infused with silence and solitude, the tears would not stop flowing.

With it, it was starting to bring out the mystery of all of the pain stored deep in the crevices of my inner landscape.

With each day that passed, the Universe kept whispering again and again that it was time for....

Sacred Simplicity.

"Simplicity brings us to the sacred."
- Danielle La Porte

Simplicity has rescued me and nourished me

Simplicity has given me spaciousness for myself and to be in the deep presence of my loved ones and causes that I can tend my heart, mind and soul too

Simplicity allowed me to slow down to revel in meeting myself and experience the profound depth of who I am and what I'm here for

Simplicity allows me to spend my days tending to my every curiosity or creative desire

Simplicity allows for me to have the freedom to tend to myself unconditionally during health flares and take all the space and time I need to restore myself

Simplicity is the essence of higher pleasure that infuses every fibre of my life

What can Sacred Simplicity gift to YOU?

Every single thing I know about embodying a life of Sacred Simplicity is yours. I will be right by your side. Are you now ready to reclaim your wildly precious life? 

Precious creative soul, in a world that thrives on success, spinning all the plates and busyness... we have forgotten the sacred art of rest, simplicity and BEING.

Simplicity. Ease. Flow. Effortlessness. That is our true nature. 

In this intimate private workshop I'm going to show you, most precious creative soulful entrepreneur, how you can return to Sacred Simplicity in your life and business so that you can contribute to a shift in our consciousness which will see all our work and lives become more sustainable, generative, and restorative.

Through my own journey of embodying Sacred Simplicity I have identified certain key areas that are stopping you from cultivating ease, peace and simplicity that so deeply desire to experience day to day. I now share this wisdom and these teachings with you so that a life of profound simplicity and flow becomes your blueprint.

By giving yourself fully to this experience of joining us in this workshop here's what you'll leave with:

Crystal clear clarity on everything in your business that is causing you to live in a constant state of overwhelm

Are you in a loop of constant overwhelm and busyness?

I'll help you to get crystal clear on what you truly desire outside of the other 'noise' and 'clutter' you're surrounding yourself with that's blocking your from living a life of Sacred Simplicity.

Your result? You'll leave this workshop with your own unique cosmic North Star that will steer you time and time again about what truly matters to you and as a result, you'll be so focussed that you'll always hold this illuminated pathway close to your heart.

Your ticket OFF the content creative treadmill so that you finally stop spinning all of the plates

Are you feeling shackled to a content creation marketing strategy that everyone else is using and yet it doesn't truly nourish your sacred gifts or leaves room for ease or flow?

Or are you STILL trying to create ALL the things to appease to the slot-machine esque nature of social media platforms that change their mind on the nature of their algorithms every 5 minutes?
Your result? You're creating content that energises your products and designs by uplifting your brand that people cherish and adore in a sustainable and truly joyful way

How to sidestep busyness and produce work that truly matters and is most meaningful

Are you constantly feeling busy and overwhelmed in your content creation and business?

We will dig deeply into the roots of the words 'inspire' and 'meaning' so that you can learn how to create meaningful work that people deeply cherish. You will learn how to create work that matters and that is simple but significant.

Your result? You will learn how to always steer your mind, body and soul into places where you feel the ease, joy and peace you so desire and so deserve in the online world.  With simplicity there is always ease and flow.

Your guide to cultivating deep work and how to quieten the noise of social media in a high-pace online world 

Are you getting lost in consuming other people’s content?

You know how it goes: a quick scan of social media turns into one hour after another just scrolling away, rather than owning or creating your OWN magic!

To me, cultivating deep work in this modern age is about focusing your energetic intention on the things that truly matter. I'll guide you out of the noise and into online serenity.
Your result? Whether you want to stay on social media or not, you'll learn how to cultivate a life without a bombardment of digital noise and how to work deeply so that you don't get pulled into shallow 'busy' work that takes you away from your precious dharma.  

How to spend more time on things you really care about and discover your Creative Muse

In a world that thrives on success and busyness we have forgotten the sacred art of rest, simplicity and BEING. Is this you right now? Are you stuck in being busy?

I will guide you on how to meet your Creative Muse and create sacred spaciousness in your week to nourish and nurture this relationship.

Your result? You will discover your Creative Muse and fill your days with beauty, romance, art, nature, dance, music and everything you find serenely beautiful that's finally balanced with your dharma and gifts you bring to the world through your business and content marketing.

Your Pathway To Embodying Sacred Simplicity 

Embodying Sacred Simplicity is not just a one-time journal prompt away. It's a process that needs to be deeply integrated and praticed intentionally and thoughfully. Here is the pathway we will journey on together:

Your Life and Business Audit

First, I'll help you reflect on the areas of your life that are causing you overwhelm and stress through a life and business audit so that you have time and space to understand with utmost clarity where your Sacred Simplicity journey will take you. This alone is such a clarifying step that will profoundly impact your life and business.

VALUE: $97

A Live Interactive Workshop

In this intimate private workshop I'm going to show you how you can return to Sacred Simplicity in your life and business so that you can contribute to a shift in our consciousness which will see all our work and lives become more sustainable, generative, and restorative. If you can't make the live date for the workshop the replay, as well as my support, will always be there for you when you're ready.

VALUE: $197

30 Days Of Embodiment Support

We'll finish our Sacred Simplicity journey by deeply embodying this work, and deep work it is, through a 30 day integration challenge with intimate community support (that is hosted on the New Zenler so well away from the distraction of Facebook!) so that day by day, you will become more deeply embodied in a life of Sacred Simplicity.

VALUE: $477

"I have been online for 10 years and there are things I just could not figure out! It’s as though you’ve helped me learn a new language…a language I’ve been trying to learn forever! You’re such a wonderful teacher Georgie my dearest!!! My blogging and SEO efforts were USELESS until I took your course! I have so much confidence about my website and online presence now. I’m so grateful!"

Shirley Ann Aphrodite

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Georgie (she/her)

Let's create Sacred Simplicity together

Hi there fellow Creatrix! I’m Georgie, founder of the enchanted living blog 'Georgie xoxo', 'The Art Of Blogging' and 'Art Of Pinterest' E-Courses and creator of an art and history online school called 'Academy Of The Enchanted Arts.'

After creating my handmade hair accessory company, Beauxoxo, when I was just a teenager feeling creatively unfulfilled and depressed at University, I learned a lot about how to balance a business that both nourishes the needs of a soulful, creative entrepreneur alongside managing 6 chronic illnesses.

I realised I too struggled with spreading myself too thin across a million social platforms, spinning all the plates in my business, and getting swept up in the toxic 24/7 hustle culture that has led me on my current path of reclaiming sacred simplicity.
Fast forward to today, I'm now on a deeply personal mission to inspire highly-sensitive, creative soulful entrepreneurs just like you to build a business and creative content strategy that brings you an abundance of ease, flow and simplicity so that you spend the majority of your time drenched in the richness of the relationship with your Creative Muse.

If you have even resonated with 5% of the above, I know we’ve not met by accident, and that we were destined to meet.  

Does a life of Sacred Simplicity sound dreamy? It truly IS! And it’s the reality for me, my clients and now it can be yours, too. Is this a path you also want to take?

"Georgie's guidance, insight and knowledge regarding how to approach blogging and Pinterest from an authentic and artistic way was a breath of fresh air. The way in which she spoke about her journey with getting into blogging was relatable and incredibly inspiring! Georgie's style of delivering tangible and practical support around how to use blogging as a way to support our passions made experiencing success with blogging seem far less daunting and far more doable. I thoroughly enjoyed how much Georgie simplified what seems like a usually overcomplicated topic, where she presented the art of blogging in a way that felt exciting to journey into. I received tremendous value from Georgie's tips and advice on how to structure blogs and am excited to apply what I learned into my own writing!"

Natalie Brite
Owner of 'Business With A Conscience'

I bet you're wondering the answers to....

This is a LIVE workshop that will take place on Zoom through the New Zenler Platform but it also involves private study that is neatly arranged in your private portal. 

You do NOT have to worry about being 'Zoom ready'. Please come as you are precious soul! That's all you ever need to do. Howver, of course, I would absolutely LOVE to see you on camera so yes, you can either put your camera on but equally you don't have to at all!

Questions at the end can be asked in the chat box, sent 24/7 before the workshop OR you are welcome to ask in person during the Q&A part of the workshop.

There is a replay that is available for you and you have at least 12 months access to all of the course material.

This workshop is on 14th April 2022 at 5pm BST/GMT (London time), 6pm CEST (Central Europe Amsterdam/Paris), 7pm EEST (Eastern European Time Bucharest), 12pm UTC (Eastern Standard Time New York), 9am (Pacific Standard Time Los Angeles).

For my clients in Australia and New Zealand this workshop takes place for you from 12am on Friday for Australian Western Time (Perth), 2am (Australian Eastern Time Sydney) and 4am (New Zealand Standard Time Auckland).

I am so sorry that I can't get a time to work for everyone and promise the replay will be just as magical!

Yes of course Creatrix! You will have access to all of the material for at least 12 months in your own student portal. If you are part of the Art Of Blogging or Art Of Pnterest E-Course, this workshop is one of your bonuses and you will also have access to it in your portal.

Just your beautiful self! But of course, I highly recommend your favourite journal and pen, a nourishing tea! All of the workbooks are editable online so there's no need to print anything off!

Great question! Yes, this is $97 USD so in other currencies this is roughly £73 GBP, €91 in EUR, $123 CAD, $131 AUS and $141 NZD

I personally believe that EVERY single stage of business comes with overwhelm and therefore cultivating the skill for embodying sacred simplicity will benefit every single stage of your business. 

As someone who lives with 6 chronic illnesses, I have decided to donate 20% of the profits from this workshop towards the charity SRUK who offer support and information to help me, and many others on our Raynaud's and Scleroderma journey.

I was diagnosed with Scleroderma, an autoimmune condition, in 2018 and this directly inspired my work of devoting myself to helping creative soulful entrepreneurs just like you reclaim their soul underneath layers of overwhelm and burn-out.

By coming to this workshop, you both support me, as someone with multiple chronic illnesses, and the charity that does so much to help me. I'm eternally grateful for your love and support. I will announce the total raised on the live!

UPDATE: From February 2022, just as I launched this workshop, like you, I have been watching the unfolding news from Ukraine with the heaviest of hearts. As a result, I will split the 20% donation so that 10% will help those in Ukraine and 10% will be donated to SRUK. Thank you beyond words for your support.

Due to the fact that this is a live workshop that gives back to my charity there are no refunds for this particular offering.

I would love to hear from you! My email is hello@georgiexoxo.com 

Exclusive $97 pre-sale price rises to $197 in....

22 Days

Through your purchase of Sacred Simplicity 20% Of Your Purchase Supports SRUK & Ukraine

Scleroderma & Raynaud's UK (SRUK) is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the lives of people with Scleroderma and Raynaud's phenomenon. SRUK aims to improve awareness and understanding of these conditions, to support those affected, fund groundbreaking research and ultimately to find a cure.

I was diagnosed with Scleroderma in 2018, and my work has since been dedicated to spreading awareness of this condition alongside helping you to create a life and business of Sacred Simplicity.

UPDATE: From February 2022, just as I launched this workshop, like you, I have been watching the unfolding news from Ukraine with the heaviest of hearts. As a result, I am dividing the 20% donation so that 10% will help those in Ukraine and 10% will be donated to SRUK. Thank you beyond words for your support.

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Do you have a question about the Sacred Simplicity? Please email me at hello@georgiexoxo.com

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