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The Art Of Pinterest E-Course

Master the art of Pinterest and learn how to embrace YOUR creative brilliance for abundant content creation that illuminates your unique gifts

Dearest Creatrix, Soulpreneur and Priestess, here's a question for you....

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed knowing which platform you should spend your precious energy on marketing your precious gifts?!  

But most importantly: are you longing to find an online platform that places meaning and inspiration as the heartbeat of their business?
What you know for sure is that you're fed up of the shallow nature of most social media and modern day marketing platforms that are fully of spammy meaningless 'notice me' comments and dms.
Well, this is one of hundreds of reasons why I so adore Pinterest because their mission statement is to be THE online destination for inspiring and meaningful content:

“Pinterest is the place where people search for inspiration on life’s meaningful moments.”

This sort of environment is perfect for the Creatrix, Soulpreneur and Priestess who is here to enrich the online landscape with their heart-centered creativity drenched in meaning and signifcance.

Plus, do you REALLY still want to completely rely on platforms where your precious hard work is here one minute and gone the next minture from the ever-changing algorithm?!

You deserve so, so much more than this Creatrix.

So tell me, right now, does this sound like you....?

If you're anything like me, I'm guessing that these are the whispers of your heart you've experienced on your online creative content journey....
  • .... battling with proscatination and perfectionism and never getting your ideas out into the world (we simply can’t allow this precious one!)
  • .... feeling exhausted by the digital landscape and the last thing your brain can think about right now is figuring out how to create for yet another new platform
  • .... constantly feeling busy and overwhelmed in your content creation but having no clarity where to start
  • .... feeling shackled to a marketing strategy that everyone else is using and yet it doesn't truly nourish your sacred gifts or leaves room for ease or flow 
  • a fellow multi-passionate entrepreneur you’re already spinning ALL of the plates, right? (I see you)
  • ....opening your phone to yet ANOTHER stream of spammy comments and souless DMs that you're promised is the next best strategy you should be doing too
  • .... feeling overwhelmed with how to find the perfect words and capture exquisite imagery that doesn't overtake your working day
  • .... getting lost in the hustle mentality and 24/7 ‘grind’ so many preach when it comes to marketing and creating content *shudders*   
  • .... battling moments of self-doubt, imposter-syndrome and constantly comparing yourself to what others are doing online
  • .... getting lost in consuming other people’s content. You know how it goes: a quick scan of social media turns into one hour after another just scrolling away, rather than owning or creating your OWN magic!
  • .... trying to create ALL the things to appease to the slot-machine esque nature of social media platforms that change their mind on the nature of their algorithms every 5 minutes…..’create posts like this, oh no, actually, just make reels, no wait…’ Gah!! 

“When we embody the energy of the Creatrix, we stand in the fullness of our birthright, as two-way channels of the full creative power of the Universe.” 
― Lucy H. Pearce, Creatrix: She Who Makes

It's your birthright as the creative goddess you are to bring forth the rich tapestry of your creativity, your stories, your unique wisdom, and your radiant gifts so that you can create ripple effects of beauty, change and impact across our precious Earth. And what can be possible for you once you step into this creative power?

Let me ask my crystal ball....
 ✔️ You're inviting hearts to crack open now you've learnt to unearth the reverent beauty of the stories you hold 

 ✔️ You're able to curate your gifts with complete confidence that has enabled the emancipation of your creativity into everything you do  

✔️ You're creating content that energises your products and designs by uplifting your brand that people cherish and adore  

✔️ You've opened up your imagination to the whole new world of beauty and wonder that already lives inside of you and share it with kindred spirits

✔️ You're able to position you and your business/brand as leaders in your industry with all the digital spotlight on you and your creative treasures
✔️  Your dreams clients fall so madly in love with your creative content that they're pouring into your community and magical offerings

✔️ You have an abundance of treasured content ideas that you can impact the world with that you create with complete ease and flow. Even better: You're finally off that content treadmill!

✔️ You finally approach marketing and content creation with joy over the overwhelm, stress, self-doubt and burnout.

✔️ You fill your days with beauty, romance, art, nature, dance, music and everything you find serenely beautiful that's finally balanced with your dharma and gifts you bring to the world through your business and content marketing.

Is this everything you desire, Creatrix? This is your invitation to master The Art Of Pinterest in 2022 to be nourished by evergreen content creation that honours YOU as the creative goddess you are! 

Introducing: The Art Of Pinterest E-Course

The Art Of Pinterest has been carefully and thoughtfully crafted uniquely for the Creatrix, Soulpreneur and Priestess who can bless Pinterest with their creative radiance.

This is NOT a cookie-cutter sort of online course/program style of delivery that's full of generic copy and paste templates and stale methods, oh no!

 Instead, this course is a roadmap to YOUR greatness as you learn to master your gifts, talents and desires, that I'll show you how to apply uniquely to a sparkling Pinterest strategy so that by the end of this course you can deeply contribute to the world with your creative gifts. And not just tick boxes for learning yet another new platform! 

These are a few of my favourite things on this pathway to mastering the Art Of Pinterest

You've seen how powerful Pinterest can be for your pearls of creativity so how do I make these learnings even more whimsical and enchanting for you as we build on your Pinterest strategy together?

The Art Of Creation

I truly believe that Pinterest is an inexhaustible source of magic in this online landscape and it's my great passion to help as many people as possible to discover this.

 Especially you, precious Creatrix!

I will bring my 12 years experience of using Pinterest alongside my blog and handmade hair accessory business to this E-Course so that you can curate a Pinterest full of creative content that truly reflects your tapestry of talents and legacy.

The Art Of The Seasons

If you've always longed to create all the beauty in your imagination and create an aligned message and brand with the world then mastering Pinterest as an Evergreen platform is a wonderful supportive tool so that you can bring forth all of your visual stories that will then go on to support all your other creative ventures.

To do this in a soulful way, we turn our Creatrix power to the seasons and learn the importance of seasonal content in our approach to Pinterest. Tapping into the cycles of Mother Nature is a potent reminder that there are powerful forces that continue on, even as change swirls around us in the modern world. 

The Art Of Meaning

If you've always longed to create all the beauty in your imagination and enrich the online world in meaning and inspiration then this magical E-Course will nurture your precious seeds and once-in-a-lifetime treasures and align them with a Pinterest strategy that doesn't simply attract your dream clients but also blesses them with mini transformations before they have even met you!

Because you're here to drench all you do with your unique gifts that win's hearts from all across the globe who will treasure your creations deeply.

Discover exactly what you'll learn....

Let me take you behind the scenes on your pathway to mastering The Art Of Pinterest and everything you'll learn in this mystical immersive E-Course experience:

Module 1: Introduction To The Art Of Pinterest

In the opening module I will gently lay the foundations for the rich tapestry of your creativity. After an interactive look into why Pinterest is so magical, I’ll then guide you to your unique Pinterest Strategy based on YOUR uniqueness! We’ll finish by diving into your Pinterest Creatrix 'why' that's going to be your guiding North Star throughout your journey with a potent writing session to truly hone your desires (worth $97)

Module 2: Curating The Art Of Pinterest

The word ‘curate’ has roots steeped in care and spiritual guardianship, and as a Creatrix, this comes naturally to us! For the Creatrix is a guardian and protector of the magical essence of life that she births through her creativity. As a Soulpreneur, you’ll also be highly influenced by what you consume. And so will your Soul Clients! In this module, we’ll take your natural gifts of curating to carefully select what you feel is beneficial to your soul and business through digging into how we curate a meaningful creative life for ourselves and our Soul Clients ($197)

Module 3:  The Art Of Keywords and SEO

In this module we dive into our magical left brain where I will teach you sorcery behind Pinterest SEO and Keywords so that you always have a magical formula to rely on every single time you craft your magic on Pinterest. Simply utilise the simplicity of these lessons and get ready to sparkle and shine on Pinterest with all the intensity you deserve! Pure alchemy each time! (worth $97)

Module 4:  The Art Of Creating Pins

Great creative content on Pinterest is shaped by breathtaking graphics and in this module your natural Creatrix gifts will be illuminated even more deeply as you transform your precious gifts and uniqueness into gorgeous Pins so that you can build a brand that stands out. Beautiful Pins are one of the most important parts of modern-day content creation on Pinterest and this incredible module will help you to communicate who you are, what you love and what you stand for so you’ll truly master the Art Of Pinterest! You’ll also be guided for how to use your FREE Canva templates for Classic Pins and Idea Pins ($197)

Module 5:  The Art Of The Seasons

This is one of my favourite modules from the whole course! It’s here that we turn our Creatrix power into the seasons and learn the importance of seasonal content in our approach to Pinterest. To do this, we will turn to the spiritual meaning of the seasons and connect to the rhythms and cycles outside of the frantic pace of modern living. Tapping into the cycles of Mother Nature is a potent reminder that there are powerful forces that continue on, even as change swirls around us in the modern world. As a result, to turn to the spiritual meaning of each season gives us a source of connection to something deeper as we learn to master the Art Of Pinterest. ($197)

Module 6: The Art Of Consistency

It's time to create the ease and flow you so desire, and so deserve! First, you will learn how to master the art of consistency and then you’ll be guided how to structure your jewel coated odeas with love to display your divine, unique jewelled covered legacy where you will ALWAYS know your magic is being shared with the world. As well as this, you’ll also learn how to use Tailwind and Pinterest Scheduler for maximum impact in the Art Of Consistency (worth $97)

Module 7: Deepening The Art Of Pinterest

In this final module we’ll look back on the incredible journey that we have shared together as we mastered the Art Of Pinterest. You will be provided with your off-boarding checklist to always keep your learnings close to your spirit, mind and heart. We’ll also learn how to deepen your artistry on Pinterest for the future and you will be provided with an exclusive lesson all about how to take care of your sacred vessel as a modern day Creatrix, Priestess and Soulpreneur in an overwhelming online world. ($97)

Don't forget your bonuses, Creatrix!

Because you deserve them!

As well as the full Art Of Pinterest E-Course, you'll also receive these carefully curated additions!


Bespoke Support

Through this e-course you have access to bespoke support where I am able to answer your questions through individual video responses, screen-share responses, audio voicenotes or direct message. Because once the vision has been conceived, these supoportive calls can help to nurture and grow your creative seeds. In addition, I am able to update you on the latest news from Pinterest so that this course stays as up to date as possible!
Worth $2497!


A Private Community

The Private Community is your chance to be nurtured and supported on your journey as you master the Art Of Pinterest. It's so important to methat you receive the support you so deserve. I am in the community with you to answer your questions, delight in your new Pins! This takes places on the New Zenler learning platform so you'll be away from the distractions of social media etc! You will also receive a monthly accountability email from me full of tips and tricks to move the needle with your Pinterest creation and where you can get your wonderful Pinterest profile shared with other fellow Creatrix sisters!
Worth $497!


Pinterest Audit

I want to help you reach the world with your talents and gifts and so I am giving every new student who joins the Art Of Pinterest a FREE Pinterest Audit when you join The Art Of Pinterest so that you can start this e-course knowing exactly what the right pathway for you is. How does this work? When you sign up, you will receive an email asking for the link to your Pinterest. Once you send that over, I will email you back with your unique audit that you can watch as many times as you need.
Worth $497!

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Georgie (she/her)

Let's master the Art of Pinterest together

Hi there fellow Creatrix! I’m Georgie, founder of the enchanted living blog 'Georgie xoxo', 'The Art Of Blogging' and 'Art Of Pinterest' E-Courses and creator of an art and history online school called 'Academy Of The Enchanted Arts.'

After creating my handmade hair accessory company, Beauxoxo, when I was just a teenager feeling creatively unfulfilled and depressed at University, I learned a lot about how to balance a business that both nourishes the needs of a soulful, creative entrepreneur alongside managing 6 chronic illnesses.

I realised I too struggled with spreading myself too thin across a million social platforms, spinning all the plates in my business, and getting swept up in the toxic 24/7 hustle culture that has led me on my current path of reclaiming sacred simplicity.
Fast forward to today, I'm now on a deeply personal mission to inspire highly-sensitive, creative soulful entrepreneurs just like you to build a business and creative content strategy that brings you an abundance of ease, flow and simplicity so that you spend the majority of your time drenched in the richness of the relationship with your Creative Muse.

If you have even resonated with 5% of the above, I know we’ve not met by accident, and that we were destined to meet.  

Total value including the bonues is $3,688 but it's all yours today for just $111!

Are you ready enter a truly magical portal to Pinterest mastery?!

"I have been online for 10 years and there are things I just could not figure out! It’s as though you’ve helped me learn a new language…a language I’ve been trying to learn forever! You’re such a wonderful teacher Georgie my dearest!!! My blogging and SEO efforts were USELESS until I took your course! I have so much confidence about my website and online presence now. I’m so grateful!"

Shirley Ann Aphrodite

PLUS! Sacred Simplicity The Workshop - Worth $222

I'm on a mission to inspire highly-sensitive, creative soulful entrepreneurs just like you Creatrix , to build a business and creative content strategy that brings an abundance of ease, flow and simplicity so that you spend the majority of your time drenched in the richness of your creative lifeforce.    

After working with hundreds of creative soulful entrepreneurs just like you there’s always one common desire we have in common: we CRAVE sacred simplicity in our content creation.  

As I currently manage 6 chronic illnesses, I made this desire for sacred simplicity an integral part of my work and so I created this workshop for you as your exclusive bonus to help you on your journey of illuminating your treasures on Pinterest whilst ALSO helping you to create a life of more art, more beauty and heaps of spaciousness.  

Is The Art Of Pinterest right for you, precious Creatrix?

Still undecided if the The Art Of Pinterest is right for you? Let's break down who will truly reap the fruits of this portal of Pinrerest and Creatrix magic....
This e-course IS for you if....
✔️ You identify as a Creatrix, Priestess, Soulpreneur or simply a heart centred entrepreneur who is fed up of the stale way of learning about online marketing and longs for an immersive teaching style bathed in magic and mysticism as WELL as all the gorgeous supportive pratical tools 

✔️ You're a service or product based business or simply someone who is passionate about bringing their sacred gifts to Pinterest   

✔️ You desire to open up to the whole new world of beauty and wonder that already lives inside of you and share it with kindred spirits

✔️ You're ready to commit to creating space to implement what you learn and take full responsibility for your own success
This e-course is NOT for you if....

╳ You need tech support: This course presumes you already know how to set up the basics of a Pinrerest account so that I can optimise this for you with your creativity and the weaving of your magical words.

╳ You require intensive 1:1 mentoring and guidance. This E-Course provides you with four quarterly live calls and mentoring in our community and underneath each and every lesson. Do you require more intensive support? Please email me at for my 1:1 packages.

╳ You believe Pinterest is not as powerful as other social media platforms

I bet you're wondering the answers to....

100% yes! It doesn't matter if you have just opened your Pinterest account today or had it for 10+ years, this is very much a creative immersive experience to Pinterest that any Creatrix, Soulpreneur or Priestess can benefit from. 

This E-Course has been crafted uniquely for the creative soul who can bless Pinterest with their Creatrix radiance. It's not a cookie-cutter sort of online course/program style of delivery that's full of generic copy and paste templates and stale methods. Oh no, instead, it's a roadmap to YOUR greatness as a Creatrix as you learn to master your gifts, talents and desires, that I'll show you how to apply uniquely to a sparkling Pinterest strategy so that by the end of this course you can deeply contribute to the world with your creative gifts and not just tick boxes for learning yet another new template!

Absolutely YES! Thankfully Pinterest has very clear updates that are not mysterious like other online marketing platforms! I take part in regular seminars and conferences from Pinterest themselves so I will also fuse these updates into the course material and my communication with you as a student on this course. 

Does this course suggest that you should abandon social media and just use Pinterest? No, not at all! But this is a timely reminder to be VERY intentional about where you share your most precious gifts, Creatrix. I truly believe that Instagram (and TikTok, Facebook etc) can be a loving friend to your business and Pinterest marketing. Here's how: 1. Sharing your creations and meet a community of like-minded souls who share your passions and loves of life with you (if you balance it with a lot of patience with the stream of spammy dms and comments) 2. Re-purposing of your treasured blog posts and Pinterest content (I'll break this down to pure simplicity in the course!) 3. A snapshot of your brand that lures that soul client of yours TO your blog/website. 4. As a shop window. And what is the purpose of a shop window? To catch people’s eyes in a few seconds. To build anticipation. To tell one-part of a visual story. To make people want to know even more about you and your gifts. But fundamentally, I believe the slow and steady nature (that truthfully acts more like nature itself!!) of Pinterest that will elevate your content for months and even YEARS is where the majority of your time should be spent to then easily re-purpose this in a few minutes to any platform your heart desires

There are 7 video modules with a combination of video lessons and workbooks (where necessary) so that you can start on this journey whenever it works for you. Due to having multiple chronic illnesses simplicity truly is my guidepost and so most videos are under 20 minutes and the workbook you'll receive for each module will never, ever overwhelm you! If you join in January or Feburary 2022, you will have special access to the LIVE version of this E-Course! During this special time I will be with you to deliver a FREE Pinterest audit to every member and also hold space for a Live Q&A so that I can support your Pinterest journey intimately.

This course will give you everything you need to master The Art Of Pinterest and I have made a few suggestions within the course to elevate this even more. Inside the course you'll find a free month trial for Canva Pro and Tailwind if you believe that the paid versions can create greater abundance for you going forward! In Module 2, you might also want to buy a magazine to help guide you more deeply through this lesson. 

You have at least 12 months access to this course and constant updates going forward!  

I would love to hear from you! My email is 

"Georgie's guidance, insight and knowledge regarding how to approach blogging and Pinterest from an authentic and artistic way was a breath of fresh air. The way in which she spoke about her journey with getting into blogging was relatable and incredibly inspiring! Georgie's style of delivering tangible and practical support around how to use blogging as a way to support our passions made experiencing success with blogging seem far less daunting and far more doable. I thoroughly enjoyed how much Georgie simplified what seems like a usually overcomplicated topic, where she presented the art of blogging in a way that felt exciting to journey into. I received tremendous value from Georgie's tips and advice on how to structure blogs and am excited to apply what I learned into my own writing!"

Natalie Brite
Owner of 'Business With A Conscience'

Are you ready to master The Art Of Pinterest?
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Are you ready to own all your creative magic and channel it into the loving arms of an online platform that truly nourishes the creative goddess that you are long after you hit publish?!

Precious Creatrix: Have you ever stopped to count up all of the precious hours you have spent downloading endless free PDFs that are now stacked up on your harddrive? Or counted up the minutes you have spent overwhelming your precious spirit trying to Youtube or Google the answers to your online marketing questions?!

 Simply put: it's time to stop exhausting your precious creative mind trying to figure it all out alone.
Let's make 2022 the year you finally move from feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed, and spinning all of the plates alone cherished Soulpreneur!

This online landscape is calling out for YOUR precious heart and gifts. And Pinterest is waiting to illuminate this for you with all the inspiration and meaning you have for it!

In these testing times we have never needed you more as the creative vessel you are Creatrix.

So, let's give you more time for art, beauty and dreaming and then you can just leave the framework for your gifts to me.

How does that sound to you? Because if it's a full body yes, I would be honoured to take you on this journey to master the Art Of Pinterest and drench your life in online simplicity, ease, meaning and inspiration. 

Have you got a question about The Art Of Pinterest E-Course? Please email me at

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